General note & update

Dear Parents & students of Inchigeela NS

I hope you all are well-

As we have all heard, schools are now not to reopen before 19 April. 

Unfortunately for the confirmation pupils, this also means the delay of Confirmation- but that also will happen again in time. 

I hope the resources and link on main page can be usefully incorporated into daily routines if you wish to do so.

The links are all free and can be accessed on phones if laptops or ipads unavailable.

These suggestions are hoped to support and encourage all involved to achieve a managable  routine. There are countless options available online, but these educational links are just suggestions that hopefully may create a motivation for pupils and help them successfully master work goals and have satisfaction in their work each day.

Hopefully these ideas and suggestions will benefit and help all, encourage games and exercise and fun activities for pupils. 

Pupils received books and work schedules going home on Thursday 12th March, with plans up until the Easter holidays. I hope this routine is going ok for you all. Arrangements will be made for additional books, schemes of work and support materials as well as new library books etc to be distributed should school disruption continue after Easter. 

Some suggestions for other, non digital linked ideas that may suit to add to your child's daily routine that they can independently achieve may be as follows-

Daily diaries , 20- 50 mins reading time depending on age of child ball & movement games in gareden; sketching activities, oral language games- I spy, questions and answers, etc all allow for routine and pattern, project work on a topic that they like and are interested in, that they can add to daily.

I'm certain you all also have many other ideas and suggestions that work very well for you. 

We willl get a school mobile, to allow for whatsapp texting & communication going forward, but for now, please forward any queries/ suggestions to me at

I will update on school mobile number when we have it. 

Any additional sites/ online resources can be added to these pages so if ye are finding other resources useful and wish for them to be added, please email & that will be gladly done. 

Through sharing we can all benefit and support- 

Thank you all and best wishes, 




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Catriona | Reply 25.03.2020 22:06

Brilliant thanks Margaret

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24.06 | 19:53

Congratulations to a wonderful 6th class on your graduation today. Wishing you a wonderful start in your new respective schools. From Clare Doyle

20.04 | 14:52

Hello again 1st and 2nd class.. I apologise as I forgot to include Spellbound in your scheme of work. Please aim to do the next unit ( 2 pages) this week. 👍

25.03 | 22:06

Brilliant thanks Margaret

22.11 | 20:06
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